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ohpaintbrush's Journal

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oh, paintbrush.

This is another one of those icon journals. Everything in this journal is for your taking unless otherwise noted. Please take time to read over this entire userinfo and the F.A.Q. before asking questions. If your question is still unanswered, please comment here and be patient. Note that this is an icon journal, not a support center for all your graphic and livejournal needs. If you need help with your graphic program or layouts, look up some communities on LJ or search Google. All posts are archived in the tag archive. Additionally, there are links to filter posts in the sidebar of the layout. If you're interested in being affiliates, please comment on this entry.

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1. CREDIT me for my work by putting "ohpaintbrush" in your icon keywords and/or comments or userinfo. If you are unsure of how to credit icons, please see this tutorial. If using on another journal site, please credit as "ohpaintbrush@LJ".
2. COMMENT when taking any icons with the exact ones you are taking.
3. DON'T HOTLINK. If you aren't sure what hotlinking is, please see this site for more information.
4. DO NOT EDIT MY ICONS unless I specifically say that they are bases and OPEN for customization.
5. I DON'T DO REQUESTS. If I decide to, I will post an entry welcoming them. Asking me out-right will just make me dislike you. A lot.

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